Kalstø – Rock dumping barge

Scope: TMS delivered barge and equipment suitable to carry out a special rock dumping project outside Karmøy, Norway. The scope also included transport of heavy rock/stones from Rekefjord to Karmøy.

Period: 2020 ->

Location: Kalstø/Karmøy, West Coast of Norway

Client(s): Vassbakk & Stol AS

Husøy – Expansion of land/quay area

Scope: TMS delivered rock barge for dumping of stone

Period: 2021

Location: Husøy/Karmøy, West Coast of Norway

Client(s): Vassbakk & Stol AS

Heimdal Subsea By-pass – Launching of Spool

Scope: TMS delivered submersible barge and operators for launching of the Spool + Engineering assistance and procurement related to the scope.

Period: 2021

Location: Randaberg, West Coast of Norway

Client(s): Randaberg Industries

Hywind Tampen – Installation of Mooring and Towage of CSS

Scope: TMS delivered a total mooring-package which included Method statement, Engineering, Procurement, Pre tention of anchor lines, installation of mooring and hook-up. These operations were followed by towage of 11pcs concrete substructures (CSS) from Eldøy (Stord, Norway) to Dommersnes (Vindafjord, Norway).

Period: 2021

Location: West coast of Norway

Client(s): Aker Solutions ASA

Mountain halls – Rock dumping barges

Scope: Project-adapted barges, with a total length of 220m+, anchored and connected for a long-term project in Sørfjorden(Odda). The design and maritime work was carried out by Tronds Marine Service AS.

Period: 2020

Location: Sørfjorden/Odda – West coast of Norway

Client(s): Kruse Smith AS

Transportation of ITS & Manifold structures

Scope: Transportation of 2 ITS and 6 Manifolds from Tønsberg to Ågotnes, via Porsgrunn. TMS also delivered Engineering services such as calculation of seafastening, stability, mooring etc. Did also provide Transport-, HSEQ- & Ballast-manuals.

Period: 2020

Location: East and West coast of Norway

Client(s): Deepocean AS

Transport of wind-turbine components

Scope: Transportation of wind-turbine components from Port of Namsos to Tømmervika, close to the Hundhammerfjellet (final destination). The barge was outfitted and solutions were custom made by Tronds Marine to meet the requirements for this unique transportation.

Period: 2020

Location: Namsos, Northern Norway

Client(s): Silvasti

Launching of vessels using submersible barge

Scope: Using submersible barge for launching hulls. This scope also includes Engineering and ballast operations.

Period: 2019-2020

Location: Gdynia, Poland

Client(s): Karstensen Shipyard Poland Sp. z o.o.

Reactor and Riser Mongstad Refinery

Scope: Tandem Lifting and Transport of Reactor and Riser from Mongstad Refinery to Hanøytangen

Period: 2019

Location: Mongstad & Hanøytangen

Client(s): Equinor Energy ASA

Fv 659 Nordøyvegen

Scope: Transport, Lifting, Barge rental and other marine services related these.

Period: 2019-2020

Location: Ålesund/Lepsøy, Norway.

Client(s): Skanska Norge AS

Njord future STL buoy

Scope: Lifting, tug-assitance and project planning.

Period: 2019

Location: Kristiansund, Norway.

Client(s): Global Maritime AS

Bjerkheim Windpark

Scope: Transportation of wind turbine components from Egerøya to Langholmen in Egersund using tug and barge ‘Tronds Max’ and ‘Tronds Barge 8’.

Period: 2019

Location: Egersund, Norway.

Client(s): Silvasti

Port of Nador

Scope: Installation of 250+ caissons with submersible barge. The largest ones with weight up to 9000 mT.

Period: 2017 until 2019

Location: Nador, Morocco.

Client(s): STFA – SGTM Nador SA

Leikanger Kraft

Scope: Work platform for deep water rock dumping and general storage

Period: May 2018 until April 2019

Location: Leikanger, West Coast of Norway

Client(s): Leonhard Nilsen & Sønner AS

Pedestrian Bridge in Flekkefjord

Scope: Transport and installation of bridge foundations.

Period: 2018

Location: Stavanger & Flekkefjord

Client(s): Vestbetong AS

Vallhall Flank West Project

Scope: Lift and transportation of Helipad

Period: 2018

Location: Leirvik & Verdal

Client(s): Leirvik AS

Aasta Hansteen

Scope: Maritime and Engineering assistance during float-off, seafastening removal, Chain In-boarding, pre-installation of mooring and recovery of same on the SPAR. We also delivered several barges as work platforms during Top-side mating.

Period: May 2017 until April 2018

Location: Sunnhordland, West Coast of Norway

Client(s): Technip Norge AS, Kværner AS & GMC Maritime AS.

Njord A Future

Scope: Delivery of several barges for the upgrade project “Njord A Future”,  and delivery of floating cranes for chain installation + other lifting requirements.

Period: 2017 & 2018

Location: Sunnhordland, West Coast of Norway

Client(s): Kværner AS


Scope: Marine Engineering and Installation of bridge sections with floating crane. Transport av bridge sections from Gdansk to Harstad

Period: 2017 & 2018

Location: Harstad, Northern Norway & Gdansk, Poland

Client(s): Implenia Norge AS / Nordbridge AS

Launes Bridge

Scope: Installation of bridge sections with two floating cranes (Tandem lifts) including Engineering assistance

Period: 2016 & 2017

Location: Egersund, West Coast of Norway

Client(s): Aker Solution AS

Rock disposal Odda

Scope: Delivery and installation of several dump barges for disposal of abt 750.000 m³ rock in to the sea.

Period: 2017 until 2018

Location: Odda, West Coast of Norway

Client(s): AF-Gruppen


Scope: Delivery and installation of work barge for the maintenance project on the bridge.

Period: 2018 until 2019

Location: North of Bergen (Lindås), West Coast of Norway

Client(s): BMO Entreprenør AS

Port of Bodø

Scope: Installation of quay elements with floating crane in Bodø harbour

Period: 2018

Location: Bodø, Northern Norway

Client(s): Skanska Norge AS

Sullom Voe Oil Terminal

Scope: Removal and installation of fenders with floating crane

Period: 2018

Location: Sullom Voe, Shetland.

Client(s): Malakoff LTD

Lift & Transport Subsea Equipment

Scope: Lifting and transport of subsea equipment incl engineering assistance

Period: 2018

Location: Haugesund to Kristiansund (Norway)

Client(s): TechnipFMC

Transport of Blisters

Scope: Two transports of Blisters from Kværner Verdal to Kværner Stord.

Period: 2018

Location: Verdal to Stord (Norway)

Client(s): Kværner AS / Peak Group AS