Tronds Marine Service AS

About us

Tronds Marine Service AS provides Heavy lifting, Transport and Barges. Our company operates mainly in the Northern part of Europe.


Our ability to continuously improve the quality of our services will be the basis of safeguarding our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment work.


Our office is located on the Island Halsnøy, which is on the west coast of Norway. We are surrounded by beautiful scenery, reflecting our traditions.

Top quality services

Tronds Marine Service shall deliver good quality services in a way that safeguards personnel, the environment and assets. This fact should be reflected in our goals and our work.

Fundamental to achieving our goal is a solution-oriented and flexible organization, as well as the organization’s ability to continuously improve.

Our fleet

We have a wide range of vessels in our fleet, ready to meet your needs.

We can deliver the following types of vessels:

  • Floating cranes
  • Flattop barges
  • Submersible barges
  • Anchor pontoons
  • Tugs
  • Special equipment