Reliable Solutions

Our ability to continuously improve the quality of our services will be the basis of safeguarding our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality work.

Tronds Marine Service AS comes from the heritage of great seamanship, and has for the last decades been the go-to-partner when the demand is for challenging projects and skilled personell. Our history shows we are capable of handling advanced operations but also have the capacity to plan ahead to ensure safety and efficiency.

The name is based on a local person, Kristoffer Trondson (Tronds) Rustung born about 1490 and raised in Kvinnherad on the Norwegian West Coast. He had a varied maritime career and finally became admiral in the Danish-Norwegian Navy

Tronds Marine Service AS is a part of the Meidell group of companies. The Meidell group is engaged in a range of business areas, it’s main activity is fish farming through Alsaker Fjordbruk.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Trond Marine Service AS will provide quality services in a way that safeguards people, environment and property. This fact must be reflected in our strategy.
  • Comply with prevailing and relevant HSE laws and regulations wherever we operate
  • Develop goals and programs which aim to continuously improve activities influencing on HSE
  • Assessing HSE risks in planning and in operational phases
  • Encourage key suppliers and contractors to develop and improve HSE philosophy
  • Monitor activities, and measure and analyse the results to verify whether management systems are appropriate, and in accordance with our policy

Transparency Act

Tronds Marine Service AS complies with the Transparency Act and conducts due diligence assessments to ensure human rights and decent working conditions. They adhere to UN and OECD guidelines and implement measures to avoid negative consequences. The due diligence assessments are conducted regularly and tailored to the company’s size and context. A disclosure on the due diligence assessments will be made publicly available, containing information about organization, identified negative consequences, implemented measures, and planned actions.

The annual due diligence assessment will be published here by June 30th each year.


Our ability to continuously improve the quality of our services will be the basis of safeguarding our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment work.

Tronds Marine Service shall deliver good quality services in a way that safeguards personnel, the environment and assets. This fact should be reflected in our goals and our work.

Fundamental to achieving our goal is a solution-oriented and flexible organization, as well as the organization’s ability to continuously improve.


Our office is located on the Island Halsnøy, which is on the west coast of Norway. We are surrounded by beautiful scenery, reflecting our traditions.