Tronds Marine Service signs new contract with Italian Consortium in connection with the Genoa Breakwater. (19.12.2023)

Tronds Marine Service has been awarded a contract in Italy worth more than NOK 100 million in connection with the caisson construction and launching for the new breakwater in the Port of Genoa.

Tronds Barge 33 (110×45 meter, submersible capacity to 20m water above deck )

It is the largest barge in our fleet, “Tronds Barge 33”, which will carry out the work that has a duration of 900 days. The barge is 110 meters long, 45 meters wide and can submerse to 20 meters of water above deck. It will be manned by eight people who will be responsible for operating the barge in Genoa.
Our customer, the Italian consortium Pergenova Breakwater, will use the barge to produce 100 large concrete foundations weighing approximately 33,000 tonnes each. When the foundation is completed, it will be floated off the barge for installation on the seabed.

The “Genoa Breakwater” project is a globally unique work, due to its technical complexity and dimensions, but also because it is built offshore, all the way at sea, without the need to interrupt port activities. It will rest on the seabed at a depth of 50 metres, one of the deepest breakwaters in the world and will be over 6.2 km long. The new breakwater stands out for the innovative technology used in the project and for the attention paid to sustainability, ensured by systems aimed at maximizing the circular economy, while anticipating the possibility of reusing and transforming inert materials.

Tronds Marine Service is humble and pleased to once again be trusted by international players when it comes to maritime operations. The contract is important for the company and ensures employment for the barge for the next 2.5 years,” says CEO Kjartan Mehammer.
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